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Principles and Principals


Pictogram Studio was founded on New Year's Eve 1988. Pictogram's resolution was—and continues to be—to produce exemplary creative work that's honest, true, and professional. Pictogram's unwavering commitment to its core philosophy is reflected in the strength, depth, and richness of its exceptional work.


Prolific and easy-to-work-with, Pictogram specializes in design products and services, photography, and illustration. Pictogram's work can can be seen in all walks of life. Nordstrom, Proctor and Gamble, Mobil, Sallie Mae, NIH, and the US Department of Defense are among Pictogram's many happy and diverse clients.


Pictogram's creative work has received scores of awards. Pictogram has been featured in dozens of books, periodicals, and national media venues.




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Keep in Touch!


We'd love to hear from you! You can contact us by phone, email or good ol' U.S. Post:
Pictogram Studio
Box 556, Garrett Park MD 20896–0556





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