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A wink and a smile!


World Kindness Day is November 13th—and what could be an easier way to spread a little kindness than the simple act of giving and sharing a smile? Pictogram® created a happy icon to help spread this message: a smiling face saying PASO, the acronym for “put a smile on." And here’s something else to put a smile on your face: Pictogram is giving away this fun icon for free, for everyone to use and share.


If you’d like to have this fun little icon for your own personal use, just drag any of the jpgs below onto your desktop. Then just print, post, text, or email it—and smile!


© Pictogram Studio. Pictogram grants everyone—including businesses—the right to use, but not to sell, these PASO icons.



© Pictogram®_PASO_4x4_red© Pictogram®_PASO_4x4_yellow© Pictogram®_PASO_4x4_green© Pictogram®_PASO_4x4_blue© Pictogram®_PASO_4x4_purple







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